Winner of

3 World Championships: Acro/Freestyle Skiing/Trick Ski

3 European Championships Combine Moguls, Aerials and Acro

1 Junior World Championship

1 Vice World Championship

1 World Record on Skis: 22 flips in 60 seconds

 Created  many maneuvers that have revolutionized Freestyle Skiing.


Looks like 25 ; feels like hell 

Lives internationally; likes to travel

Current residence: Planet Earth, Milky Way

Inventions: During his successful career as a freestyle skier, invented the one handed pole flip. Invented the revolving ski deck for ski beginners and freestyle acrobatics. Invented several sporting goods devices. First to have aerial motorcycle ski show. Created a new TV format for the movie "Smoke in the Tunnel"

Hobbies: Being self employed and playing monopoly in the real sense as an investor

Best skills: Being an actor